Accessory doesn't position properly

Hello, I’ve been having a bit of an issue with the way an accessory is positioned onto a dummy.
When I insert the accessory into the dummy model, create the weld, it doesnt position properly.
I have no idea what might be causing this.

Keep in mind, this is entirely local as the dummy is supposed to be editable client-side so others dont see the edits done to it.

local FoundAccessory = RaceAccessoryFolder[RaceAccessory]:Clone()
FoundAccessory.Name = "RaceAcc_"..RaceAccessory
local Weld ="Weld")
Weld.Name = "AccessoryWeld"
Weld.Part0 = FoundAccessory.Handle
Weld.Parent = FoundAccessory.Handle
Weld.Part1 = Zone.Dummy.Head
FoundAccessory.Parent = Zone.Dummy

The code above is what I use to insert the accessory onto the player with.
From what I’ve seen the accessory gets attached to the position of the Head and not the actual HatAttachment position which is weird.

I tried changing the WorldPosition of the hats HatAttachment but that didn’t do anything.

Here’s how it looks like, it should be positioned atop the dummys head and not in the middle of it.

Maybe try adding in a new CFrame for the handle: