Accessory sorter not working

My Objective:
I am trying to make a script which using humanoid description gets a players hair, head and face accessory then adds them to the players avatar ( note this is a custom StarterCharacter ).

My Problem:
The accessories are not going on to the avatar but their is no problems being printed in the output I have tried just having all accessories on the avatar but its not realy wha I would like an the waist accessory are weirdly position

Extra Info:
I though I would add this in and say that this is a non-published game

My Script:

		local playerChar = game.Players:CreateHumanoidModelFromUserId(player.UserId)
		local humanoidDesc game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(player.UserId)
		local accessoryList = humanoidDesc.HairAccessory
		accessoryList = humanoidDesc.HatAccessory..accessoryList
		accessoryList = humanoidDesc.FaceAccessory..accessoryList
		accessoryList = string.split(accessoryList, ",")
		for _, item in ipairs(accessoryList) do
			for _, accessory in pairs(playerChar:GetChildren()) do
				if accessory.Name == item then
					accessory.Parent = character

Thanks for your help

I think that accessories will look weird if the player’s character isnt the same as your StarterCharacter. (this meaning if they have Rthro or another type of character)

I don’t know if this will help but you can try to publish the game (keep it private) and turn on API services.

Hope I helped and your issue gets resolved

So it may be that it is because my system use R6

That could be it since a lot of people are using R15 now.

I is their anyway to get a persons avatar as R6 model??

Not that I know of but I’m sure there’s a way, try looking it up on youtube or making it a separate topic