Accidentally installed a malware plugin and ran it, was my game copied?

Hello, I downloaded a plugin for automatically converting offset to scale which seemed legit. I made some changes to the game, published it and played the game to test something, but it didn’t work so I went back to studio, ran it there and noticed a notification in output that said a module failed to load. I checked it, and it was something with getfenv and some bytecode. I uninstalled the plugin and cleared all lines.

Was my game copied or anything else since I ran it in studio?

Edit: HTTPS wasn’t turned on and the plugin automatically put lines in scripts that were really far out horizontally

I don’t think a plugin can export anything unless HTTPS Service is enabled. But I don’t know much about how they work so I cannot confirm this.

There’s no way of knowing unless you know what code was run. They could have been doing something normal, although I agree that getfenv() is out of place in an offset-to-scale plugin.