Accidentally made build too large

When I was building, I forgot to place a dummy to see if the build is too large, or too small. After building, I realized the build was too large. I tried selecting the entire build and scaling it down but it didn’t work, and it’s too late to rebuild the entire build. My only other option would be to set the character scale to match the size of the build, but I prefer not to do this. Is there any way I can scale the entire build down?


Select everything and Ctrl + G to group it
Then, use this plugin:

If everything is inside the model, it should work perfectly


Instead of using a plugin, you could just highlight the entire thing and use the scale tool to scale it all at once. It will scale uniformly, so dont worry about squashing and stretching.

Like what @mutrix said, the Model Resize plugin is the best in the business.

It easily scales down models. Just make sure you are using the official plugin… made by the creator, @DaMrNelson