Accidentally Made One Way Glass

Update if you want to make it for yourself, or see if it actually works:

So I was messing around in Studio and accidentally made one way glass. It’s not fully one way glass, as it’s still slightly see through, but super close.


This is very interesting! I wonder what made it like that!

I’m not sure really. They all have the glass texture, and if I made the darkest one just slight less transparent, it wouldn’t work anymore

Very cool! A more efficient way to do this might be to have a surface gui with a frame in it.


Yes! I’m aware, it was just funny I stumbled upon it while trying to darken a corner. The only issue with that method is that it’s slightly less realistic and this version looks more like a tinted window


Oh, you mean like with donation walls and such?

If you are worried about realistic, why not add a second frame, with a .5 transparency? :wink:

Nevertheless, cool discovery. It is a clever way of getting the effect

Adding a decal on one side would be a more simple option and maybe performant option.


I mean I’m sure it can be done with just 2-3 parts, it was just a neat little discovery

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I actually think that original thing is the most realistic because even with real one-way glass, you can still see just the tiniest bit through the darker side

I made one way glass a week ago! Nice.

great minds think alike

I don’t think glass material lets all types of instances show through. Beams and trails disappear when the camera viewport is behind glass, and the same thing is probably applying here but in relation to the part’s transparency.

I didn’t actually test it out, so I’m not sure if it works, just thought it was neat

Haha! I love it, great minds do think alike

Yes, exactly! That’s the main point I was trying to communicate

Wow, could you send me the file for that?

An even better one way glass that doesnt allow people to see through it with their camera is glass then forcefield with transparency -100, The forcefield doesnt show up in the glass or allow players to see past it but anyone on the glass side can see perfectly fine

Neat! I’ll have to definitely try this out

It’s super simple to make! All I did was put 4 Really Black parts together with decreasing transparency. 0.8, 0.6, 0.4, and 0.2 and change the material of all of them to glass!

one word HOW like HOW DID U DO THAT!