Account warning and thumbnail deleted for seemingly no reason?

So I uploaded this thumbnail, it took hours to process after which it was rejected and I got a warning on my account for uploading “inappropriate images”. As far as I can tell there is nothing inappropriate about it

Even more confusingly, I uploaded the exact same image beforehand and it was accepted, with the only difference being the text said “1000 FREE GOLD”, I realised i’d made a typo, changed the text to “5000 FREE GOLD” and reuploaded it. I have also been using the same thumbnail for months (without the text and the arrow at the bottom), and there has never been any problems with it, so there is clearly nothing wrong with the image.

I sent a message to roblox support and they upheld the decision without giving any detail as to why.
I don’t really mind losing the thumbnail persay, but I am worried that the warning against my account could affect my ability to use DevEx in future. This is particularly frustrating since as far as I can tell i have done nothing wrong. Is this a common problem, and am I at risk from losing my account or ability to DevEx? that’s all i’m really concerned about


You can try sending a message to:


The art is cool, But IDK if the Retagle is too big?

All sorted now - I got another email from roblox support and they have restored the image :smiley:

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