Acessories not attaching on team create (studio)

Whenever i place an accessory on a rig (regular r6 and r15, not custom) it doesn’t attach, it just appears far (around 15 studs of distance) from the character


Applying a humanoid description and using Load Character (plugin by AlreadyPro) have the same results.

This only happens on Team Create games, when i try replicating it on a non-teamcreate game it doesn’t happen and works correctly.

It is not local as other team create members also see it.

When the game is tested (Play or Run) the acessories attach to the rig.


I’m not sure what causes this. What I do is select the accessory in the rig and move it to its location.

You could try creating and editing the rig in a non-Team Create place and then copy and paste them into the main game, but I’m not sure if that will fix it completely.

I hope this reply helps, good luck.


I hope roblox fixes this bug, it’s so annoying having to move the accessories to be able to design a npc or character.


Can confirm this is still an issue. Turning off team create fixes the problem. I recommend just designing the accessory in a singleplayer place, then copy-and-pasting it into the team create place.

Yeah, this is a problem for all of us! I recommend opening up a second window (studio) and create in a none team-create map and then copy and paste it
Hope this helps