Achieving higher possibilities with cars

To be honest the latest years I’m impressed from how technology gets improved, especially with cars. Mobile app control, auto drive and a lot more stuff! Meanwhile, Roblox have improved a lot with scripting and I’ve seen awesome games coming out, some of are still underrated.

Where I wanna end up is, Is it possible for a Roblox Car to have auto drive mode?

Note that:
Has a somewhat GPS with the road and if possible the lights so it stops when its red etc.
Different streets to go through
Able to point a location that can go to.

I know it will be for sure very hard, but it would actually be cool and get Roblox 100 times further in scripting.
At least it would be cool if not possible :thinking:
Share your thoughts and reactions about this.:thinking: Maybe used in a Tesla Car Model? :joy:


This goes somewhere along the line with Jailbreak’s train. Only complications when it comes to other features adding up into these non-drivable vehicles. Fairly simple if I thought about creating a system about this.

Scripting support is solely for asking help in scripting. This is more of a #development-discussion(which New Members cannot access).


It does have a similarity with Jailbreak’s train, but not exactly. The car would be able to have auto mode, but also allow the user to drive it. If I’m not wrong, Jailbreak’s train has paths that can go, but the auto move’s one go through different paths, identifying the closest and fastest way through. I may not make sense or meanwhile be wrong.

I’m not really a scripter so you surely know tons more things than me. Inform me if I’m mistaken.
And I’ll make sure next time to not post it here (At least when I’m Member, Thanks for telling me)

Hello ThatDeveloperEvan,

Your inquiry relating the possibilities of “self driving cars” in the near future has been noted.

There are many different ways that “Self Driving” could be applied to a vehicle.

  • The vehicle itself doesn’t necessarily have to be scripted to drive, it could just be a mesh vehicle with (Advanced Objects) and a seat in it that contains a script giving off Coordinates based off of Global Position in the game, a step further would be to make the Mesh “Botlike” in which a script containing Coordinates would send live feed to the AI.

  • Another probable form of “Self Driving” would be to apply a Tool to a Player(s) inventory, one that is connected to a vehicle-like object, that upon clicking a random surface area, will designate that object to move Global Position.
    (This has been done before, except this was done using an autopiloted plane, it is not far from possible to attain such an ability with a car)

Hope you found my response somewhat educational, keep up the optimistic thinking!


You answer my question in all ways, completing what I’m thinking too!
This could make a step forward, a way for people to be AFK while driving in games maybe :joy:.

This is the solution to the post, thanks again for your time taken into considering answering my question.

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