Action Simulator Game Opportunity - Long Term

Action Simulator Game Opportunity

Hello I’m @Ponchokings, you might remember me from the games Airplane [Story] or Cruise [Story].

About The Job

I’m currently looking to gather up a group of people that perform well in their own specific areas.

The objective of this project is creating a high quality action simulator game where you collect different “fighters”, reveal new “areas” and follow an interesting quest line, as we’ve seen before in other successful projects. But of course with our own unique twist.

This is a serious project. It is expected that if you are interested in starting to work with us, you are also willing to stay until the end of the project which could take several months.

I will be the lead project manager of the project. Any doubts about the project, I should be able to answer it.

That being said, the roles we are requiring for this project are:

  • Lead Project Manager: @Ponchokings
  • Professional Scripter: [Open]
  • Builder/3D Modeler: [Open]
  • Animator: [Open]
  • UI/UX Designer: [Open]
  • Particle Effects Designer: [Open]
  • Character Designer/Clothes Designer: [Open]

If you can do more than one role, it will be highly appreciated and considered!

Once you are selected, you will be invited to the roblox group and the private discord to join the rest of the team.


To apply for a role it is required to:

  • Have discord
  • Have a work portfolio
  • Be able to work between 5-20 hours a week
  • Have worked in that role for 1+ year
  • Be able to work in team and communicate
  • Be hard working
  • Be respectful
  • Be 15+


To be discussed with each member of the team. Option to choose between Robux (R$), Game Percent (%) or a mix of both. We will also consider working by commission depending on the type of work.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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