Actively switching between two firearm reload animations

Hey folks,

I’m seeking help today with switching between two reload animations for an equipped firearm depending on the situation—to elaborate, I’m taking a realistic approach to my firearm system; reloading when a given firearm is completely empty will play a “FullReload” animation, which is inserting a magazine and then subsequently chambering a new round into the empty chamber. Otherwise, reloading when a firearm has one or more rounds left will play a “BaseReload” animation, which is a quicker action that only requires inserting a new magazine.

My trouble is switching between the two at will. Attempting to keep my script optimized and to a minimal length, setting up a plethora of markers and events for the two animations separately was repetitive and not an option in my tastes, and I had thought simply doing the following would work better:

Note that this is just a simplified function snippet to provide elaboration

local reloadAnimation =  Animator:LoadAnimation(Animations.Reload) --default reload for startup, is just a BaseReload

if firearm.Stats.MagazineAmmo.Value == 0 then
	reloadAnimation = Animator:LoadAnimation(Animations.FullReload)
	reloadAnimation = Animator:LoadAnimation(Animations.BaseReload)

Unfortunately, all of the marker-reached events tied to the reloadAnimation variable become unresponsive once the variable is changed, as it is still stuck listening to the first LoadAnimation it is attributed to.

I had found an initial solution by putting all these events under a function and having them all updated by calling that function whenever necessary. However, it gets pretty undesirable when I’m left having to update the reload animations’ important events such as DidLoop.

I guess I could commit to the method I found and go about also updating these events through another “parent” function, but I thought I’d seek out some help on the forums before I go through with it.

So, are there perhaps any other more effective methods? Thanks as always.