Ad revenue died last night?

All I did was document the existing restrictions, since they weren’t listed on the wiki.[/quote]

I’m not saying you added the restrictions, I’m asking if the guest thing is new as it wasn’t a thing when i first set up video ads for my game.
The graph shows you why I think some additional restriction was added

The guest thing sounds familiar – I think I heard about it when mobile ads were first announced.

Nothing is mentioned about this in any of the blog posts below:
- Announcement
- 5:1 pay increase
- 1:1 pay increase
- 2:1 pay increase

The original one points to the wiki which used to mention BC members being unable to view ads.
As far as guests are concerned, I’m fairly certain it is new as I used guest accounts to test my system in October 2014 and used them every time I made any changes to the system

Here is a better graph with more data.
The point at which the restrictions were documented is where the graph almost touches the X axis

Is there any more evidence needed for this? There has been no substantial change in percentage visitors on each platform and yet this has consistently halved the ratio

My ad revenue went way down as well after the incident.


Pretty consistent pattern of phone/tablet visitors, but much less ad revenue in this past week[/spoiler]
Dunno if it’s because of the guests or what, but something has definitely changed to cause reduced ad revenue.

Mind posting an ads viewed per visit graph? Otherwise it could be attributed to the end of summer

Unfortunately, we had to disable most ads for under-13 users, as non-COPPA compliant ads were being shown (they’re supposed to be filtered by the ad provider). We’re working on getting them restored ASAP.

Thanks for the clarification. I was really confused at the lower amount of ad revenue per night with the same amount of players online per day.

Is there a ballpark figure on when they will be restored? Just wondering if I need to alter my budgeting.

Is there a ballpark figure on when they will be restored? Just wondering if I need to alter my budgeting.[/quote]

I asked, and unfortunately, here’s the official word: “We do not have a timeline for this.”

It has been over a month since this happened.
Losing 80% of my roblox income over a UK holiday is making me a little anxious.

Has there been any progress since this was posted?
Is this Roblox’s fault?
If not, can’t you use another provider that filters properly (such as AdColony)?

I think that’s what they were using.

Was an example, but I am sure there are other such companies out there. Free market and all that

We’re currently using AdColony for backfill/house ads (when we don’t have a direct ad deal running).

Ads were re-enabled for U13 users yesterday, as we are currently running a direct deal. I’m not sure if they’ll be disabled again once the direct deal finishes, or if we’ve sorted out our COPPA issues. I’ll try to get an answer from the Ads team tomorrow.


Is there any progress on this apart from updating the wiki to say we don’t display to under 13s?

To me this says there isn’t going to be a fix or there isn’t going to be a fix for a long time. Either way can we be kept up-to-date on this?

There are other mobile ad networks such as SuperAwesome or Vungle that use COPPA compliant ads. Not sure how much they pay for impressions compared with AdColony, but is it worth contacting them if AdColony are the cause of the problem?

Any update on this?

Ad revenue appears to be back to normal.
Atleast that is what I am seeing on my end.

So it works for U13 users? Wiki says otherwise…

It is only fixed while they have a direct deal with some company. Once that deal finishes, we are back to square 1 until another deal comes along