Add a CanBePickedUp Property to tools to prevent tools from being picked up automatically

It would be nice to see a ‘CanBePickedUp’ Property of some sort because as of right now, it’s very tedious to name/rename your handle whenever you need it to work or not.

I myself would find it way easier to work with tools in general if this were a feature. The amount of time and the efficiency im losing out on in my code trying to work-around this issue is a big problem for me as I make comissions for people and want to make my code as readable and efficient as possible.

I want to prevent tools being picked up in order to make an ‘e to pick-up weapon’ system, the game i’m making is a 2d based shooter and with tons of guns on the ground, it’s really difficult to keep away from picking up a weapon you don’t want.

At the moment what i’m doing is using a model of the gun, matching it with the tool via it’s name, cloning the tool then putting it into the character, this is tedious as oppose to just setting a property.

I think that this feature would make the lives of developers much easier as it helps avoid tedious work-arounds as mentioned.


If you don’t want tools to be picked up delete the TouchInterest. :upside_down_face:


You cannot, i’ve tried it already and it has not worked, The touch interest is inserted again.

Not sure if it just glitched for me, but when i did try it, it ended up not working for me

You need to delete it during run time.

If you re-parent it, it will create a new Touch Interest so you need to delete it everytime, I would suggest you do

	if addedDescendant:IsA("TouchTransmitter") and Tool.Parent == workspace then

or don’t use a Tool for this purpose.
(this behavior can easily be worked around)


Ah i see what you mean now, while it is an easy enough work around, you’d have to edit all your tools and it might not be friendly for newer scripters,

I’ll use what you have provided, I still believe that this property should be a thing (in the far future as it’s not a necessity atm)

Thank you for the info!

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