Add a motivation channel in the help and feedback category

I will keep this short. Developers seem to be often demotivated, and they seem to have a hard time finding the resources to get them back on track. The developer community here is more professional than what you may find in a Discord server.

I think Roblox should add a motivation channel for other developers to encourage either. This may also help stop a large number of irrelevant topics about motivation #development-discussion

tl;dr If a topic keeps coming up, make a category for it.


Motivation channel? I am not understanding the request. Do you mean category? Why would a category for motivation be made? Seems pretty unnecessary when the search function exists and some topics show up.


It sounds a little strange to have a whole category for motivation.

I mean think about it: would you post a picture of a build or something and then be like “help, I’m demotivated to go further, I hate what I’ve created”? Then what would others reply? “It’s good!” or “Wow, you’re doing great so far!”

It seems really weird to see that on the Forum…

I mean, sure there’s a lot of irrelevant topics, but diverting them to a whole new category isn’t the best idea TBH.


I agree with this only because there are these types of topics filled everywhere across the forum, countless in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support, #development-discussion, etc.

It would help enrich #development-discussion’s quality a bit more without being filled with topics as such.

(And people can always mute the category, y’know)
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No need for a full category on this, unless you added an ideas and stuff.
Maybe at the most #help-and-feedback:motivational-support .


A whole category for motivation would be awkward. Would this be a category full of 'you can do it!"?

There are tons of people encouraging and motivating all over the categories. Motivation doesn’t seem like a development category and is probably irrelevant to turn into a category.

There are a bunch of tips on the forum for keeping motivated as well.

You can replace this idea by just searching up ‘motivational quotes’ and boom.

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I think this is a pretty bad idea. There are already plenty of other places for that off the forums, I’m confident that people wouldn’t post on it much and it might not even help much compared to other resources off the forums for it.

Personally, I wouldn’t feel motivated by just posting a creation or something and waiting for others to tell me: “Keep up the good work!”. You can’t receive help just so you stay motivated. It could work with some people, but it wouldn’t work with others.

A whole channel for this would not improve the quality of DD, this will just result with another dead and useless category being made. Some users could also be confused with Cool Creations, so this is not the ideal solution.

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@sjr04 The posts I see are more specific sometimes.

@TheCarbyneUniverse A simple channel in help and feedback wouldn’t be too out of place. Better there then in the wrong channels.

@Bac_Stab Sorry, that is what I meant.

@QuackingDuckQuack Yeah. You’re missing the point. I never said this is ideal, I am just saying add somewhere else to get all the junk out of #development-discussion.

Quotes are not specific to everyone’s situation.

@iayze1k Show me where else one would post it.

@DMCPEPlays That’s my point. No one is going to feel motivated looking at a bunch of general motivation posts that shouldn’t even be in #development-discussion. At least make a channel where people can get some help that is focused on their specific situation.

Also, how would anyone get Cool Creations mixed up with a motivational help channel?


Some people could say “This is my build, what else can I add to it? I’ve lost my motivation so yeah” or “my build is trash”. This is one of the possible uses of that category, in case it’s added.

People can feel motivated again in random or specific situations, which means they can’t get help. For example, someone feels motivated while listening to music. Somebody else feels motivated while playing a game. Somebody else could have just lost his motivation because of too much work. No one can receive help on an issue like that.

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I feel like this is just going to be a problem affecting the professionalism of this forum further. Basically, I feel the forum is going to turn into a cafe game.

“my build is trash”

“Oh! :pleading_face: Don’t feel like that! This is really good :smiley:! I couldn’t do better if I tried! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also this could be opportunities for the exact opposite: toxicity.

“my build is trash”

“ye bro ngl it’s worse than my brother could do and hes 2”

Basically this would just get rid of the professionalism that we strive for.

However, an “ideas” sub-cat under #help-and-feedback:game-design-support would work, asking for ideas with some sprinkles of motivation (bolded for clarity).

“Hey guys I want to do a game involving bacon hairs, what should I do?”

“How about ‘Bacon Hairs: The Resistance’ and basically bacon hairs rise up against the Limited-owners and take over Roblox. I think you’d do great with this!

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This is not possible, Discourse doesn’t allow its users to add sub-subcategories. Also, Game Design Support can be used for stuff like that itself already.

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You can use #help-and-feedback:cool-creations for feedback on your work to stay motivated.

Otherwise keep it on Discord/other.