Add a name/date search ability to Developer Sales Transactions


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to locate a sales transaction from players who purchased items from my game months prior, especially when I have a lot of daily purchases. Some Developers (as myself) give perks based on if a player purchases a Game-pass and owns the badge associated with it. With the new implementation of the ability to hide one’s inventory, there’s no way for a Developer to know if the player actually purchased the Game-pass unless the player makes their inventory view-able to “everyone” or meets the Developer in game to show they own it. Yes, a Developer could scroll through their sales transactions, but if the player didn’t purchase it recently it can be a tedious and arduous exercise just trying to locate the sale, especially if it was months prior, as mentioned.


If Roblox were to address this issue by adding a name/date search option to Developers Sales Transactions that allowed Game Devs to search up a player by name/date to see if they purchased a certain Game-pass, clothing item, etc. from their game, it would make awarding players far quicker and eliminate the necessity to ask if they can change their privacy settings.


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