Add a "Run to cursor" context menu option for the debugger

Right now, going through some code, especially loops, requires me to either manually iterate through it by holding F11 (step into), or I have to add a breakpoint after the end of the loop, resume the game, and have it hit that future breakpoint.

Visual Studio implements this for .NET (and I assume a slew of other languages) and it’s very helpful. It allows me to right click in the source code while the program isn’t running and click on “Run to cursor”, which automatically puts down a breakpoint at that location that removes itself as soon as it’s been hit. The same thing can be done during runtime.

This would greatly improve the usage of the debugger in my opinion, because it allows me to just right click code I think might be broken, and run to it. Better yet, if I hit a loop, I just right click the end of the loop, say “Run to cursor”, and it’ll go through it right then and there.