Add Graphics Options to Remove Framerate Limit

No game should ever have a framerate limit. Please make a setting in the graphics to disable the limit, and also to disable vsync if that is enabled. I have a 144hz monitor, which is great for FPS games and looks really nice, and I would like to be able to see all the frames I’ve been enjoying in every other game I’ve ever played but in Roblox.

If you do happen to do this, please also add the option to limit the framerate to 60 fps because I don’t want to be wasting processing and GPU power to draw frames I won’t see.

The solution here is VSync. Vsync off = no framerate cap. Vsync on = Framerate <= Refresh rate


More framerate doesn’t really matter…

Edit: I mean on ROBLOX.

a big question is how would this affect those using RenderStepped?

Assuming they’re using RenderStepped properly, there should be no problem. RenderStepped doesn’t always fire at 60hz anyways, so they should be using tick() for timing things.
If they have something laggy running every frame, the framerate should just slow down.