Add More Place Configuration Options to Game Settings (e.g. Badges, Gamepasses, Developer Products)

As a developer and user with below average hardware, it is currently very long and time consuming to make quick edits to place and game configurations while using Studio.

It’d be a lot more convenient and easy to use if Place and Game Configuration were completely incorporated into Roblox Studio’s Game Settings. This is especially troubling for devices with bad performance, since having a browser open simultaneously with Roblox Studio causes considerable slow down.

Avatar Settings, Game Icons, Thumbnails, Genres and some Playability Options are already incorporated, so I don’t see why other Place and Game Configuration options aren’t. Such as Other Places, Badges, Gamepasses, Developer Products, Gear Settings, etc. Adding the ability to change these from inside Studio, whether it be Game Settings or not, would make developing stuff around these things a lot more convenient, and especially for slow devices.