Add mute button to CoreGui

This seems like the most reasonable place.

A mute button can certainly be made by developers as of now. It just requires a ton of extra work to make a system to ensure that all the sounds playing everywhere in the game have their volume set to 0. This can be difficult for games that are constantly adding and removing sounds and the like. Right now, in order to silence a game, the player has to open the CoreGui menu, click on settings, and then slide volume down to 0. This seems like a little too much. A mute button would be great in my opinion. Thoughts?


I don’t necessarily think the slider is annoying, but what I do find a problem is that when I mute a game that abuses audio my audio is now muted whenever I join another game. This could potentially resolve that and only apply to the current game session. Also on the topic of muting CoreGui notifications, as a user I’d like to be able to mute friend request/etc notifications.

The brand-new SoundGroup object actually has a Volume property, which makes setting all sounds to 0 volume as a developer much, much easier.


However, there may be sounds that have different volumes when not muted. Like one sound could be .5 and another could be 1. A SoundGroup will all the sounds in the game will make all the sounds have the same volume. Thus, we would have to make a system that adds sounds and removes sounds from a SoundGroup with Volume 0, which is just about as complicated as the current solution without SoundGroups.

Pretty sure this isn’t true; the Volume of SoundGroup is independent of the Volume of its contained Sounds.


You’re right. SoundGroup’s Volume property is multiplied with the Volume properties of its sounds.