Add text filter to devforum

After hours of thinking i’m finally writing this suggestion.

Suggestion: Maybe having a swear filter in filter since profanity is not allowed in the forum, maybe a swear filter is peoples attempt to swear in the forum, the swear word will replace with the [Content blocked] or a hastag (tags#)

I think this can be good for the forum feature.



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Use the flag feature for inappropriate language and aggressive swearing. Users do not use this language often enough to warrant imposing a restrictive filter, and those that do are often quickly and more effectively dealt with by DET. Please do not create feature requests without being motivated by a real problem.


It is a 13+ community, no filters needed.

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The devforum community is usually mature enough to keep swearing to an absolute minimum. On top of the fact it’s 13+ (in other words, PG13) which means the occasional swear won’t hurt anyone.

It’s not not allowed to swear, but swearing too much is against the rules (or at least reportable/flaggable)

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No, just no. Remember how horrible the in-game filter is. Implementing any kind of an automatic filter into this forum will result in a disaster.


You can flag.

Also I don’t talk like in the game

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It is. It’s not allowed on ROBLOX but it’s allowed on the devforum. Mild swears are allowed.
At least in the private categories.
There was a topic a month or two ago about this-their replies sum it up much better than I can.
No need for 1 or 2 members per 1000 to cause inconvenience for that 998

There are barely any private categories left, so just avoid swearing at all.

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For some reason I have a tendency to mention outdated categories :P

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Free to get this:

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