Add the Follow and Block Player Options to the In-Game Menu

Hello everyone,

As a Roblox player, it is currently hard to follow and block a user when you are on a server when games disable the default player list. Right now, in that situation, the only way to follow or block a player is to visit the website or app and do those things there. But, that is not quick and easy for players. That is why I request that these two options should also be added to the in-game menu (opened by the button on the top left of the screen). Similar to how the friend option is in both the player list and the menu, following and blocking a user should also be part of the in-game menu.

If this gets added, then it would improve my experience because if I want to follow or block a player, I can easily just open the menu and click on the corresponding buttons. This would allow players to not be AFK for the time that they are on the app/website trying to follow or block a user.

I hope you also view this as an important addition,
And thank you for your time!