Adding Accessories not working properly

Hey! I’m trying to add accessories to an NPC at the moment, but the :AddAccessory function for humanoid makes it look like this:


When it should look like this:

My code is far too messy to show a code block of but I’m basically using InsertService to load a hat and then doing:


Does this have anything to do with R15?

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It is because the default position is set to wherever that Accessory is at the moment. You will need to play around with the attachment positions in order to get it in the perfect area, where you want it. You can find these in the Properties of Accessory! Hope this helps!

Screenshot 2020-06-07 03.33.34

I need it to be automated though due to the way this system works. How does Roblox do this?

What do you mean you need it to be automated? Just edit this in the script, it’s not that hard.