Adding more than one email address to an account

Currently I’m battling to get my email address details back however currently I cannot log into my two-step verification account also known as the main account I use - Dravespear. I want to prevent other users from suffering the same trouble I am currently. I believe we should have the option to add more than one email address to the account while 1 box could be the default, having an option to add more will be beneficial.

Pros having more than one email:

  • This promises extra safety and security as not everyone checks one email consistently, Arguably you link your most active email (which you should), but activity for me hassles between my apple and hotmail accounts.

  • Extending further, the two step verification only solves security if you have control over your email address however if you lost your email address because of whatever reason, your account is what I call - A closed room case. Which is to why I believe we should be able to link more than one email address to prevent being locked out of your account.


I’d like to know what you think, and if you can come up with a problem, I’d like to or someone else can help me discover a solution as I believe now, Roblox should let us add more than one email address to our account.

Many thanks,


If anyone is wondering how I am on here while I can’t access my roblox account its simply because I was already logged in on here.

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Why add a second recovery email to your ROBLOX account when you can just add a recovery email to your verified ROBLOX email?


You used to be able to do this by separating emails with a comma (","), but you can’t do it anymore. It’s a shame that they got rid of it. :frowning:

many email services allow you to forward emails from your secondary account to a single inbox (outlook is an example off the top of my head)

some also require you to verify yourself by logging into another email (for you to sign in to your yahoo account, you could make it so you have to confirm it on your gmail account via a email message)

hope this provides some help.

Ah, I’ve got my account back few days after posting it, found my the phone number I chosen for the verification which was actually the house phone. Changed the phone now. but it made total sense why the house phone kept ringing on and off. it was me doing it. :joy: