Adding new frequently asked question

I dont know to what category put this, but pls add new frequently asked question: If it is correct to work as anti exploit tester-test anti exploit systems.
Because when you browse forums for a while you will find one of many discusions on this question.

There is a FAQ, but it’s specific to the DevForum. As for specific topics, advice can change per day, per second depending on what has happened across the world. Plus how would you format it? Is it going to be easy to read? Is it just one massive post which tons of posts, with edits?

In the end, if you want a question answered, you search for it using search bar and look at all those opinions. Sometimes it’s just about best practice, sometimes it’s just advice based on what people have found. Some don’t have an answer. Some don’t even exist yet as a question.


I think he means add more questions to this:


I don’t believe so. I see nothing related to the example question. If it was, it was unclear for me. (If so, do correct me @mistr88)

Even then, I don’t think it negates the point I made in my reply.

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