Additional Texture Properties

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard, and sometimes impossible, to create certain types of visual effects without additional texture properties.

It would be very useful if the textures in MeshParts, Beams, Trails, etc. had properties such as ImageRectOffset, ImageRectSize, OffsetStudsU, OffsetStudsV like those found on the ImageLabel and Texture elements.

The main use case for these is creating visual effects such as animated textures or spritesheets.

1. Animated Textures
Animated textures can then be created on any object with a texture the supports the OffsetStudsU and OffsetStudsV properties.

2. Spritesheets on More Elements
Spritesheets can then be created on any object with a texture the supports the ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize properties.

For example, in my current project, it would be ideal if the Beam texture had the ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize properties, which would allow me to use a spritesheet for the texture and create some very interesting visual effects.


Currently, using the Texture Property in MeshParts slaps on the Texture with 0 control on how we’d like it to appear on the Mesh itself, causing it to look either VERY low quality or appear as if the texture isn’t even for the Mesh.

Currently to avoid having low quality appearing textures I have to have at least 4 Texture Objects in a MeshPart, each on a side of the part, just to get the texture looking better. which is both very inefficient and very time consuming for a large quantity of assets.

Using MeshPart’s Texture property:

Using 4 Texture Objects:

this is the same exact texture, but with a huge difference on how it appears just because I used Texture Objects.