Addressing the new swivelled verification method

Hello everyone,

I needed to address the new verification method that ROBLOX launched about the time of the website’s redesign (I think it was in Winter, around February). When this was initially introduced, the regularity worked nicely and was simple enough to complete to gain access into my account.

Although, as of late, instead of the usual 2 to 5 times I’d have to rotate the image to its bottom side, I now have to do this 10 to 20 times.


Doing this each time I log in is needlessly monotonous, and to be brutally honest, impotent. Because if a bot can solve 5 of these tasks, what’s preventing it from doing it another 5 or 15 times; other than being reprogrammed?

I’m hoping that this can be resolved. Otherwise, can someone shine some light on what the plan is of boosting the swivelled verification method?

(This is my first day on the Developer Forums as a new and interested member, so I’m eager to hear all the useful feedback other members have.)


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