Adjusting CelestialBodiesShown

This thread is for two specific suggestions, both regarding CelestialBodiesShown.

So currently CelestialBodiesShown is a property of sky. For those of you unaware, this property is a boolean and dictates whether or not if the sun, moon, and stars are rendered in the skybox.

Currently you must have a Sky object to adjust this. However, by default games don’t have a Sky object.
My first suggestion would be:
Automatically create a Sky object in Lighting when a new place is opened. When having no Sky object, one would think that there shouldn’t be a Skybox rendered at all, which is untrue.
Give Lighting the CelestialBodiesShown property instead. This suggestion I’m not much of a fan of because it makes much more sense for the Skybox to decide if the Bodies should be shown and let the Lighting do more “lighting-y” tasks.

My second suggestion is to have CelestialBodiesShown ONLY toggle the stars in the night sky.
Sometimes with Day/Night script toggling, seeing a Sun and Moon fly through the sky can be pretty wonky. So what I had to do was disable CelestialBodiesShown in order to get rid of the supersonic Sun and Moon.

However this also left me with a blank night sky.

What I suggest here is to have a sepreate property for the stars, and a separate property for the Sun and the Moon. This way I can hide the Moon/Sun without sacrificing my stars.

Edit: Could’ve sworn I meant to put this in Studio features.