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Hello guys,

I found out that I could have custom k (admin levels) in Adonis. But the thing is I do not know how to set up this.

Like what if I want the idk lets do a rank called:

Barista and Admins+ can run the command :kitchen. To go in the kitchen.

The thing is I dont know how to set properly Barista rank. Or for example if I want to make it so that barista can check chatlogs but Moderator+ too. How would I fix that?

In fact, my issue is how to properly use custom ranks from adonis


@Sceleratis May you help me possibly?

Group:(group ID):(rank number)


settings.Admins = {“Group:123456789:255”}

Doesn’t have to be for admins, can be for other ranks too.

Located in :gear:Setup

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Yeah I did that but like lets sayI have this command :kick Moderators+ would be able to run it right?
But I also want that “Barista” rank to be able to execute that command. How do I make it so that command can be run by Moderator+ and Barista rank

Or do customranks have an admin level by default?

Let’s say the barista rank is number 5 and the rest under it don’t need admin

If you use the template with the number 5 instead of 255, it will give the admin to all the ranks above barista including barista, and all the ranks below wouldn’t have admin.

So then Customranks have already a default admin level?
I wasnt aware of that…

I’m not sure what you mean by customranks, could you explain it a bit more please?

Also here is how you get the rank numbers in case you didn’t know. (They are the ones on the far right)

If by customranks you mean the new ranks created in the group, then no, it’s only if you asign them the admin level.

The customranks of adonis.

settings.customranks on the settings script.

Oh, in this case I am pretty sure that the answer is yes.

Okay. I will still seek a way via settings to it.

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I have found a solution to this.
We have a property on the admin that allow us to set a command to a certain role.

Then using the settings.permission will allow you to whitelist the command to said rank.


settings.permissions = {":logs:Barista"},
and so on. If you have more roles then just do it more times…
settings.permissions = {":logs:Barista"; ":logs:Manager"},