Adornee billboard with a script wont work

i want to Adornee a billboard gui to a part.

when i do it wont appear by the way the billboard is located in startergui

So it should appear then.

Is your gui’s Enabled property enabled? If so, you think the StudsOffsetWorldSpace could be adjusted to be able to get a better vision of the UI?

Also, screenshot your testing mode when you set the Adornee to that part, so we can all see the problem would you?

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Show the script please!

When doing this, do it in a local script and reference the billboard gui in the PlayerGui. I have no idea if you did this or not because you didn’t provide a script.

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You parent BillboardGui instances to the physical instances of which you want them to be emitted from (appear over), not inside the StarterGui folder.

Set the “Parent” property and the “Adornee” property to refer/point to the same physical instance.

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i fixed it thank you very much for your help