Adornee Problem

I’m trying to make a menu with physical parts by using SurfaceGui’s adornee set to the part. However, when I try to set SurfaceGui’s adornee to this part, all the frames, buttons or anything doesn’t appear on the any surface. What do I do?

(By the way, sorry if I have bad english)

I forgot to mention that SurfaceGui is located in a ScreenGui in StarterGui

So you checked all the surfaces of the parts and it’s not there? And everything is enabled and visible and so on… maybe try making the size 1,0,1,0 and see if it shows? How big is the part?

I tried setting the size on 1,0,1,0 but still nothing. Also part’s size is 4,1,2

Nevermind, I rejoined Roblox Studio and it got fixed