Ads are not working, please help

I need help with my ads. I have used them before but a few days ago I checked on them and tried to run them but whenever I put the robux in and bid it doesn’t do anything. I have tried waiting a few days and trying and it still doesn’t work. I’ve looked around and seen some things with ad blockers but I’m on mobile and I never downloaded any ad blockers and also the ads were working just a few days ago.
I’m sorry I’m new on the forum so I’m sorry if this seems unprofessional.

How much robux are you bidding?

  1. I’m not very rich.
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Hmm can I see some screenshots?

Alright one sec
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Okay, so, I have spent all yesterday and today trying to get access to posting and I haven’t tried it but now it’s working. Now I’m wondering if it’s because I changed to my phone or if it got fixed. Now I feel dumb opening a topic for this…

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Do you have an adblocker as a extension, app, etc? If so, Disable the ad blocker, refresh your page, and try it again. Should work! B)

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Hi! Are your building commissions open?