Ads did OK, anything to improve upon?

I ran a few ads in the past week or two for a clothing group and these are my results as of now:

You can see the Designs used here


The top one did ok, the middle one suprised me with such the low CTR (is this normal for box ads?) and the bottom one did fairly bad

Only the top one managed to earn me back 1/10th of the robux I spent, I suspect this may be normal for spending small on ads, the others earnt me nothing. Thankfully I’ll be getting paid so I can run more ads but I want to have sustainable self-earning profit from my clothing group.

Is there something I need to consider in my ads? and what’s a good CTR? thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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In the first one I don’t know why there is a lot of explosions but I’ll suggest blurring them, because when I first look at the add my attention was immediately drawn to the explosion instead of the ads itself. Also, remove the “Be cool and join” since that doesn’t want me to join. Second one remove the ROBLOX logo just looks really pixelated. Third one same thing remove the “Be cool and join”

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i think you should tell why the guy should buy your shirts, what’s the difference in your shirts? what does your group do? also the be cool and join makes me not want to join

Noted, I’m currently running a new ad without the text ‘Be cool and Join’. You may see it on the roblox website if you refresh enough times, I’m hoping the CTR improves as this one has more robux spent into it.