Ads MASSIVELY underperformed, I'd love if any of you helped

If any of you who have ran a few successful ad campaigns on roblox can help me out on this I’d highly appreciate it.

so basically I’ve Advertised my game with a banner and skyscraper ads but got REALLY bad CTR with a relatively good ad design (below 0.50% CTR)


You can see the Designs used here

Even if the designs were THAT bad, I would have never thought it could even get to that point.
I REALLY need support for this, since the game itself is well put-out and took months to develop

(I only bid 200 as I was testing CTR)

It isn’t very pop out. YOu want more colours and like neon looking lights. Also, you wanna make sure everything is aligned!

In my opinion, a better way than ads to grow your game is contacting small youtubers or streamers after getting to know them to have them play it. It will help a lot. Also, the first design could use a bit more color and decorations. Bids will need to be much more than just 200 to get a good CTR and good impressions and clicks. I spend 500-1k myself on test ads, then see how they do, running different variations (Like you did), then bidding higher numbers on each, with the highest bid being on the statistically-shown highest engagement ad.

As I said before, though, you will have a bad CTR more than a good one. It is only natural, and takes time. With enough bidding, visits, and players concurrently, you will eventually naturally gain a playerbase that stays, as the Roblox algorithms begin to recognize and pick up your small game. That’s why I do the small YouTubers thing first; So when I advertise, people click the ad, see people playing my game, play themselves, and invite friends to play with them, thus allowing for more engagement.

See where I am going here? Advertising is not always the best way to grow a game. You will need higher bids to get a good CTR most of the time. It can be very pay to win, sadly. Outbidding can occur, and is common. It’s a huge gamble.


Tysm for the well-elaborated response, I always get the small youtuber / streamer part alot, but don’t really see a way where I can get into contact with them, let alone make them play it. if you got any tips on that I’d be glad.

For me, I personally like to find their channel or stream, then start engaging with them, commenting or chatting until they trust me and see me as an active channel member. From there, I say: “Hey, I actually have this small game that I made, you don’t have to try it out but I think you’d have fun and it would be much appreciated!”

That takes time.

From there, generally, some will try the game out, and grow it with time. My friend had a small game that grew very active with 50+ concurrent players and 100k+ visits in a month, because of small YouTubers. One small youtuber may play, then another. If they see a game, and think it looks fun, they may play it too- Thus causing engagement to rise.

However, if one does not play your game, don’t be upset, and, stay active there. They may change their mind eventually.

Doing this with multiple streamers and YouTubers can help majorly, and usually gets in a lot of good engagement.

Hopefully this helps.

There are actually some streamers selling their services for Robux on the DevForum; just search for it in the portfolio category.

I had no clue of this, but this may help too. Huge thanks to Prismatic for pointing this out, since if you do not have the time to do the above option, this could be an alternative that may suffice.

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That’s not a good sign, usually bidding that low would give you higher CTR because the ad is shown to the same user multiple times with a higher bid and they aren’t going to click it every time.

After looking at your ads I noticed that they don’t get the players excited nor interested to play the game, it’s also unattractive to the eye as the colors are weird and text are blurry on the edges.

It took me a while to understand that BloxyLand is a roleplaying game but I’m still not sure what kind of roleplaying it entails.

Your ad is too generic and generally boring. It doesn’t provide any other information other than “Roleplay”, “Own pets” and the game is called “BloxyLand” which isn’t interesting nor unique.

Being able to Roleplay and own pets aren’t really a selling point for games on Roblox anymore so you’d have to show the player something else that’s unique to your game.

Here are examples of interesting ads:

A game about bitcoin mining

Apparently you do something with shoes?

Probably a horror game

A game about UFO

I have no idea what the gameplay is

MCU 4 Player Tycoon

You get to have pet dragons? That’s cool