Ads not running

Help does anybody know why an ad campaign stopped running for an entire day? I bid 5 credits and 0.05 daily for 4 days, a total of 20 ad credits. At first, it ran for a few hours and it did pretty well but it stopped at 1600 plays, and no one is joining now.


It’s likely that your entire budget for that day was used up within the first few hours where you got 1600 players.

This is probably due to your bid amount being quite high, so you’re winning more spots and consequently your budget is being used up faster.


Unless you really need desktop players or to burn the budget as soon as possible, never bid the default amount. In my experience, for mobile and console, 0.01 does just fine (20 credit campaigns).

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Its doesn’t let me put 0.01

Because you’re trying to set up portal ad, not sponsored experience.

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It says 5 Ad credits but I used 20 on this, will the unused be returned to me?