ADS Underperformance, while I have no idea why

so this is my second time posting about this topic (lol)

all of my ads massively underperformed, even though they got a good and very clickable design and I’m talking to the point where no ad have yet to cross the 0.5% CTR mark


I really don’t think that the ad designs are that bad, it even got to the point where I literally took an existing ad that was doing well and upgraded it (5th one) and it still managed to flop.

as for testing I have been dumping around 200 robux each just to get an idea on the CTR.

I have also tried telling streams or small youtubers to play my game and I have found that is a very unreliable thing. especially the youtuber part since my game has absolutely no players.

Maybe because you need people to roleplay with

200 robux just for ads isnt enough. You would need more. Well for me I used 600 robux for an ad and got a full 10 people server

I was only mainly talking about the CTR that’s underperforming not the ad itself.
Once I’ll advertise I will dump in like 5k robux