Advanced Developers are **HIRING**


About Us!

Hey there! We are Advanced Developers. We are a group of devs who are passionate about what we want to do. We are currently focusing on making games and making them public!

The Team
@Dtmyhouse - Lead Producer
Any many more!

Are game isn’t currently public but it will be public in a few weeks with the first game coming out name Housing Simulator! Start off in a a small house and work your way up to a big mansion collect coins, go on quest, play FFA to gain experience against other players. Switch to other biomes and make better housing. Unlock exclusive rewards each day.

In Roblox City Life you would be able to work buy your own houses and cars. You can role play at school and even be a principle. You can be your own company’s CEO and manage your own business.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for modelers, scripters, UI/GUI designers and makers.

Modelers must be active able to make well built cars and buildings. Be able to make guns also for are upcoming game Roblox City Life. We need everything here HIGHLY detailed as we have competitors.
We just need some active scripters. We need people want to get the job done and have updates steady out to the public. We have a few right now but they aren’t as active as we need.
GUI/UI Designers
We need people to help make some GUIs for both games this is one of the biggest things holding us back from releasing are game. We need shops so people can buy in game currency and items.

Our game needs to have everything done. When we assign a task we expect it to be done within the day. We need fast paced workers that know what they are doing.


We are paying 2k+ R$ a month also giving out percentages to people who want a large substance of the game.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:
Discord Envy#4327
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


Would you be interested in a music composer? If so, I can happily fill that gap! Message me here or on discord: ADLHoratioNelson#5748

What’s the game about? It would be helpful to tell us so we could decide if it’s interesting enough to work on!

I am interested in the GUI designing. If you do the GUI designing, does that mean you have to script it, or will somebody else script it?

We can have someone script it if you can’t do it

Alrighty! Can I do this job? I am interested in this!

Also, just to clarify, this is like making guis such as shop guis etc.

Add me on discord. We can talk through there that way we can keep close relations. Envy#4327

Yes that’s what you would need to do!

Okay! Thanks for clarifying it up…

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Okay,I will add you on discord soon!

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Can I ask you some questions now, or wait til I add you on discord?

Message me privately or you can do it here I don’t really care.

Okay. So, first question, how many days per week do I have to work?

Next question, you said a couple weeks til the game is published for that simulator. Do you need a gui that has a shop intended?

You can work as many days as you possibly can once are game comes out we will assign schedules but until then we don’t really care just be active!

Okay! I will private message you on DevForum if I have any more questions or concerns. Is that fine with you?

One last thing. Can I script some things instead of just scripting GUIs if I can…?

Hey I might be able to do some scripting!

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