Advanced Developers are hiring!

Advanced Developers
Hey there! I’m Dtmyhouse Founder & Owner of Advanced Developers. Advanced Developers was created January 2020 and we are getting ready to launch 2 games in the upcoming months!

What are we hiring!
We are hiring Modelers, Managers, HR Representatives!
For management you must be 15 or Older and fill out the application in the discord. For modelers you need to be able to make cars and/or guns for one of the games.

We provide weekly schedules you only work 4hrs a day with 2 off days a week. To get a flexible schedule you must dm me on discord.

We give out percentages and robux monthly as salaries because these are long terms projects!

Contact Info
Or on devforum

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Can we get some more info on the games you guys are launching? How do we know as Devs that the game will bring in money to give us our percentage? Is there a plan if it doesn’t end up working?

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