[ADVANCED] Looking for an advanced UI (Must be able to script such UI)

About Us

Hello, I’m LegionKristoff. You may or may not know me from the many games I’ve done. One of them reaching 1M+ Visits. (Unfortunately, my main account actually has very few visits cause 99% of the games I do can be considered “controversial” #NoRisksHere)

About The Job

I’m looking for a very advanced UI person who’ll be able to script/UI thing a “Faction System”. In full explanation, it’ll be a little button with “Faction” on it on the bottom left. When you click it a UI will pop up and the options “Create” and “Join” will be available. If you click create then suddenly another UI thingy pops up that’ll have you enter a name (names must be moderated) When you enter the name that’ll basically be your faction name. You can then Kick members from the same UI who join. - - IF YOU CLICK THE JOIN Button you’ll have to enter the name of the faction and then the owner will have to accept you in. The owner should be the ability to kick you from the faction. What I also need is something for people with certain ranks in the group. i.e. “Staff” and “Co-Owner” to be able to pull up a separate UI that only they see where they can delete factions entirely that’s inappropriate bypassed names. (I only want people of that rank to be able to even see the UI so it’s not such an eyesore)
Yeah so basically factions NEED to be able to save. The Faction members should be able to leave at any time. If the owner leaves it’ll kick all members from the faction.
Another must is Faction Names MUST be above the character’s heads.

I’ll pay EXTREMELY well for this (7k+ shoot me an offer)
Deadline would be 2+ weeks however it’s stretchable

P.S. I only covered the surface of this when you contact me I’ll have a bigger and better explanation. If you want I’d also be willing to do a small percentage of the game as payment. We’re probably going to make quite a lot off of sales. If you’re curious this is for a Medieval Faction Dark Ages group)

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