Advanced Scripter For Hire (i Can show previews)

Add me on discord zacharyf579#3922 You have to pay me half first before i begin

Global Leaderboards: 1k

Pet System: 3k

Whole Simulator: 10k Including Global leaderboards and pet system.

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This is Off-Topic, please go to profilos


What do you mean Go to profilos do you mean profiles and i am new to The devforum page

You are currently in Scripting Support, you here if you need help for scripts.

How are you an advanced scripter when you are new to the devforum? And also… pet system, global leaderboards are the most simple scripts a scripter can make because they are the first ones someone learn how to make.

Another thing, if you were really advanced, a whole simulator would cost even more than 100k robux.

Please Reffer here:

You’re going to have to post this in

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ok thank you sorry guys ;c
yix thats my bad

You’re new that normal as I don’t see you have read the guidelines here a link for you: