Adventure Steakhouse Training Guide

Host/Hostess: Lecture

As a Host/Hostess, your duty is to greet customers that walk in and lead them to their table, booth, or place in the bar!
The three places we offer for our guests include the tables, booth, or bar. If they own a VIP pass, they may use that as well.
When a guest approaches you at the hosting podium, be sure you greet them with a greeting similar to this. You may create your own greeting if you wish!

“Hello! Welcome to Adventure Steakhouse! How many will be dining with us today?”

Along with your greeting, you will ask how many people will be dining. We offer two-person, four-person, and 8 person tables. Booths will hold four people.
After the customer tells you how many people will be dining, ask if they wish to dine upstairs, downstairs, or at the bar. For example:

“Would you like to dine upstairs, downstairs, or at the bar?”

If they pick upstairs or downstairs, ask if they would like to dine at a booth or table.
Once they tell you, proceed to lead them to their table. However, make an appropriate lead to invite the guest to follow you. For example:

“Great! Right this way!”

Waiter/Waitress: Lecture

As a waiter/waitress, your main duty is to serve the guests food and drinks. Most importantly, your main duty is to make sure the guest is enjoying their visit! At Adventure, we offer drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Be sure you serve the guests in this order!

If a guest does not want a drink, appetizer, etc, just skip to the next offer. Never force guests to take something if they do not want it.

For practice purposes, there will be no appetizers during training sessions. This is so we can practice serving orders and proceeding.

When approaching a customer, be sure you greet them with your name so it is official that you will be serving them. For example:

“Hello! My name is (Insert Name Here) and I will be your (Waiter/Waitress) for today!”

After your greeting, immediately ask the customer if they would like something to drink right away. For example:

“Shall we start off with something to drink?”

Once the guest tells you what they want, head on over to the kitchen and go get their drink.

In order to hand a customer something, press H on your keyboard or tap the top of your screen on mobile and type their user.

For appetizers, entrees, and desserts, it is the same exact progress.

Be sure after you give the customer their entree, you tell them you are going to give them time to enjoy their meal. We want to make sure customers have time for themselves to settle in with all the drinks and food you have given them.
Walk away, and come back to them in about 45 seconds to a minute to check on them. After that, then you can offer them desserts.
There is one entree on the menu that has a follow-up question and that is the AS Steak.

For the steak, you must ask the customer if they would like their steak done rare, medium, or well-done.
For training purposes, the only entree on the menu for training is the steaks.

Be sure you do not forget the step asking the customer how well they would like their steak done! Once you’re done serving all four offers, ask the customer if they would like anything else before you go. If they do not want anything else, say an appropriate farewell. For example:

“Thank you for dining with Adventure Steakhouse! We hope you consider us again in the future!”
Bar: Lecture

As a keeper, you will be serving those who come up to the bar and make sure they are feeling welcomed and enjoying their visit!
When somebody takes a seat at the bar, be sure you greet them with your name along with a warm welcome. For example:

“Welcome to the Adventure Bar! My name is (Insert name here)! How may I help you today?”

Many times, customers may settle in at the bar just to get a drink. If they tell you that they want a drink, ask them if they will be ordering a meal as well. For example:

“Will you be ordering any meals today or just the drink?”

If they would like any meals, be sure you follow the same offerings that the waiter/waitress has: Drinks, Appetizers, Entrees, and Desserts. Please follow this order.
When serving the steak, be sure you ask if the customer wants their steak rare, medium, or well-done. Do not forget this step!
The bar may be busy. Especially if you are alone. Be sure to take breaks between your serving to help another customer. Address this with the appropriate excuse:

“I will check on you in a moment. I am going to help another customer real quick and come back to you!”

From time to time, customers may only want an entree, or a dessert, etc. The bar may be treated as an express zone to pick up any extra foods or drinks the guests want. If they do not follow the order, that is fine.
Try to follow the order, but if the customer guides you away from the serving order, just play along with it.
Once you think you are done serving the guest, always ask if there is anything else you can get them.

If they do not want anything else, be sure you say an appropriate farewell. For example:

Thank you for visiting Adventure Steakhouse! We hope you come again soon!