Adventus - $10/hr make particle effects (no scripting)

About Us

We are Adventus, and we are developing our first game Arrival

The Team
@PenguinFriendForever - SFX & Composer
@jeisoncm95 - organic modeler
offsite professional Gravit - weapon and building modeler
@Nanie_l - terrain sculptor and animator
@Acreol - scripter and UI artist

Very happy to say you can test out our game now here:
This is also a little bit of an outdated outline but you might still find it interesting:

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced particle effects artist! The extent to which you want to involve yourself in the project is completely up to you, and we would love it if you could critique our work

You should be experienced with ParticleEmitters, Trails, and Beams
You will be making bullet tracers, bullet impact, player impact, ambient terrain stuff, and anything else you see fit
Here are some examples of what you’d make particles for

(please disregard the current particles, they are placeholders)

Timezone is not too important to us though we’d love it if we could work together


Since this is a creative process, to respect your time I think it would be fairest to pay for your time
The price can be negotiated

Contact Us

Please contact me on discord Acreol#0001 if you are interested
You must be 13 years or older to apply (is this a rule on Roblox?)

Thanks for reading!

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