Advertising advice

So I am releasing my game in about a week or so, and I was wondering if 100k split into 4 days be good to get my game on the front page? If it’s not enough, how much should I put into ads and for how long to get the game on the front page.

Also, with the new sponsor thing, should I opt for that or stick with ads?


Well i mean there is a new advertising feature coming soon which will sponsor your game up to 28 days so its 74% recommended to save up for the new advertising feature

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To get to the front page isn’t completely based on advertising. A good quality game can get to the front page with little to no ads at all.


Yeah but that’s extremely unlikely (with a 1% chance i guess) for a youtuber to find that game with 10-1000 visits and then joins and makes a video about it

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A youtuber playing your game won’t necessarily bump you up to the front page (unless your game is really good I guess) we had multiple 1 million + subscriber youtubers play our game like gaming with kev and tofuu, we never got past 400 concurrent players.

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Directly ask them then, all you need is a little bit of exposure. I’ve done it by spending nothing so it’s not impossible. You can also form a community on discord and get a head start with players.

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Yeah but how am i even gonna get their attention tho?

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Post on Twitter and use social media. If your game is of high quality it’ll catch users attention easily. You can then ask them to join the discord.

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Yea and there will also be a age selection with the new ads, that would be extremely useful

I agree but the only problem is that roblox developers millionaires can sponsor one of their own game on the front page for 280 days if they spend 100k robux on every sponsor

Huh what would be the difference with that and now then?

Is that some sponsored games will dominate the front page for a year or 2 after that update gets released