Advertising An Event

I was wondering if there’s anywhere that I can advertise a Developer Contest for who can create the best game before the 15th or so.

The winner would get 1000-3000 robux if they win. I was wondering if I can post it and if so, where?

No you can’t.

Bulletin board is not for advertising either, just to link rich text for external linking

It’s not really a giveaway more of a contest. But, thanks for the info anyways :smiley:

They are pretty similar except giveaway is free, but you have the same intentions so it is not allowed

You can advertise events or other promotions for your communities or games through Bulletin Board but ideally they should not contain monetary rewards or an exchange for anything. For the DevForum we have a rule against giveaways and for Roblox refer to Section II under point 1.


Is this the case?

I based my reply off of this one:

where it says that is not the case

For your communities. That doesn’t mean using Bulletin Board to advertise your communities, games or other paraphernalia to non-members - that we don’t allow. You may want to make use of DevForum’s markup tools or just the site itself to post some details about a promotion you’re running within your community; and then, with the thread written, share that in your community.

The circumstances raised in that thread are different from writing up a promotion for your community. That thread asks if Bulletin Board can be used as a substitute for advertising (the advertisement system). Hopefully this isn’t asking that same thing (hosting the event for both members and non-members) and rather asking if they can post a community event here, which yes they can.

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Oh so like a post that advertises the group itself but not actually using it for what it’s for e.g group rules or things like that?

I just want to make sure i am not misinterpreting anything


In the linked thread, OP wants to use Bulletin Board to advertise their group like you would bid for ads to advertise your group on the main site. That we don’t allow. The category is muted by default anyway, no one has any real reason to scroll through it. It’d also be intrusive to see notifications there.

For this thread’s case, if the event OP is hosting is purely for their own community, that has the green light.


Out of my curiosity, if I were to host, say a game jam in lounge with a 50,000R$ prize would that be an infraction of either roblox or dev forum TOS? Considered doing this a few times and would rather not get in trouble If I do choose to do it.

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I have no clue on that one. A Community Sage would have a better answer (and in general to this thread - if they could confirm that what I’ve said is accurate, doubly good).

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Please do not host contests, as they are against Roblox’s Community Rules:

Do not create promotions offering prizes of any sort (including contests, raffles, lotteries, chain letters or any kind of giveaway). It is okay to offer players promo codes for in-game items only so long as they are not in exchange for something (e.g., in exchange for a thumb up on your game).