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Hello Devforum,
I am a fairly new group owner and have been running ads recently. There are a few things I’m not quite understanding and was hoping someone could answer my questions! Firstly do you think it is better to bid on sponsor games or to run advertisements. Secondly what is CTR and Total CTR? And if you have any other tips on growing a group please let me know! Below I have included our advertising statistics!


Wow. For one, that ad has great CTR (at least by my standards). I don’t know what it stands for, but I know it is/has something to do with the ratio of people that see the ad, and those that actually click it. Someone else will have to help you with that part.

Personally, I think it’s better to run ads. More people will see them, and in my experience, sponsoring isn’t nearly as effective at getting visits.

My main advice for growing your group is consistent advertising, which is what it seems you’re already doing! Try to focus especially on weekends and holidays, when the most people will be on Roblox.


Here’s a blog post from Roblox explaining what all the words mean. It also provides tips about advertising.


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Okay! Thank you! I’ll try and find it!

Gotcha! Thank you for helping your feedback is appreciated! :heart:

Both of these have their ups and downs. I would say to advertise but only show it to females as a dance academy isn’t appealing to most males.

CTR: Click-Through-Rate (I believe that’s what it means) It’s the percentage of how many people clicked on your ad over the total amount of times your ad was shown (impressions). HOWEVER, this only is for the LATEST time you advertised using that ad.

Total CTR: Total Click-Through-Rate (Again, I’m not sure) It’s essentially the CTR but for ALL of the times you have used the ad, not just the latest time.


I linked it, by the way. If its not showing click this:

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What do these numbers mean?

Impressions – This is the number of times your ad has been shown on the site. Higher numbers here mean more traffic for you. The main way to make this number bigger is by bidding more tickets when you place an ad.

Clicks – This is the number of times your ad has been clicked. You want this number to be as big as possible.

CTR – “CTR” stands for “Click Through Rate”. This is exactly equal to the probability that someone who sees your ad actually clicks on it. This is the number you most care about.

Bid – This is how much you spent to run your ad. If 100,000 tickets are spent on advertising on Roblox in one day and you bid 1,000 tickets, you will receive 1% of all available user ad impressions that day.

This is taken from this Roblox blog post.

(EDIT: You might know this but Tickets are not a thing on Roblox anymore. It was a separate currency from Robux that got removed in 2016. The reason this post states “Tickets” is because the post was made back in 2009.)

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I think CTR stands for Click Through Rate

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