Advertising or sponsoring? Which one is better?


I am making a Minigame place, well, I have actually nearly completed it! I just had a quick question though.

Should I advertise my game through the normal banner/skyscraper ad style etc…? If so, how much should I bid?


Should I get sponsors, like YouTubers/Content Creators etc…, find some big people or popular people and make a deal with them?

I ask since I wanted to know which one is better due to people having ad blockers on!

Many thanks!

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I would suggest to use a mixture of the both, but the Sponsoring should be different.

Roblox has a sponsoring feature, it is sort of similar to advertising. Advertisements can be blocked by an adblocker, and they are on PC only. Game sponsoring is when you big on a sponsor, and your game shows up somewhere on the game page as a Sponsored game. It can’t be blocked by ad blocker; and it is available to be viewed by Mobile and PC users.

I’d suggest bidding more into the Sponsoring feature for a Game, and the advertising feature for a group.