Advice on Performance

Recently, I’ve made a constraint chassis for one of my recent models.
And there’s a clear hit on the performance

Test vehicle.

First thing to note.

Frames drop from around 80fps or 87fps, to 14fps or 13fps.
Its clear that it hits performance a lot.

I took the turret out and performance improved.

My theory is, there’s way too many parts moving around, including unions, and the motors, (sprockets) are interacting with track parts really quickly, probably overloading the physics engine.

I think I should move on to scripts, or any other way of animating or simulating constraint tracks, or find another efficient way to not overload the engine.
Or just start converting unions, parts etc. into meshes, although I don’t know how much that will do for it at this point, also gravity may take part?, I lower the gravity from 190 to 55 just to do constraint tests.

Any advice will be helpful.


what you should do is take as much off the physics engine as possible. make the wheels an actual animation rather than something the physics engine has to calculate. The average roblox player doesnt have a super computer :wink:

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I could try that, the problem is i dont know how i can preset an animation in which all of the 12 roadwheels cooperate, i could use lightbeams or mesh deformation.
Im interested on that technology, so maybe i could make a run for it.

If the wheels in the tank are CanCollide, make the inner wheels noncolliding, but keep essentially 4 of the wheels collidable so that the tank doesn’t just fall through. Then, space out the tracks in such a way by changing their collide property to false. Like, for every 3 track parts (one of the green parts of the track), 1 is collidable, while the rest aren’t.

That’s how I make the roadwheels, I use a cylinder usually called “WheelColl” and weld it into the model, and make it so it doesn’t collide, and sometimes massless, the spaced tracks ill see what I can do because the roadwheels are wider than the return rollers so there’s a chance the tracks go trough.