Advice on this place layout?

I’ve been working on a place for my group, but I kind of want to move the objective so that players can utilize the place’s tunnels and a game mechanic which is zip-lines, but I unintentionally made it to where both teams can just walk to the objective and ignore the tunnels.

A few questions I have on my mind:

  • Should I remove the paths leading to the objective, leave them as is, move the “TEAM 1 SPAWN AREA”, etc.?
  • What would be an ideal place for the objective to where the gameplay wouldn’t become a “walking simulator”?

Advice is appreciated.

The place’s current layout is below:

By putting the shortcut there people are going to use the short way instead of the long way what you could do instead of removing them completely make the lava rise up and maybe for a few mins will be expose for a short cut and then when the lava rise up they would have to use the tunnel and maybe do a button that will make the lava itself go down you can go about to do it in a lot of ways at the end its up to you

That’s my advice



Looks like it could be a good game.

When designing a map for gameplay, you must first have the gameplay down and that means movement, weaponry or any other assets which would impact how the players move about in the game.

By judging of the look of it and the fact that you have two teams and mentioned “my group”, I could only assume that this is a clan base of some sort? If so, what type of weapons will there be in the game? Melee only? Or do you have guns? If so, are they accurate on a long distance or is the spread so big that you can’t hit a target that is far away? Are there multiple guns with various spreads, fire rates and that functions differently depending on the distance?

All of these things along with a bunch of other factors you have to take in mind when designing the map. If you do guns then you have to place covers at certain locations and make some areas more open as to force players to take the risk in order to advance. If you have snipers or other long distance weaponry then covers will be exceptionally important, maybe even make a high ground somewhere which overlook a very vital key point on the map but you make it so that both teams can easily reach that location? Meaning that if you want to snipe from there, then you have to be on your guard or else you will get stabbed in the back.

When working with tunnels I see some issues which are commonly made, either A) the tunnels are massive and don’t really fill a purpose or B) they are too small and cramped for the camera to be rotated properly when in third person and gameplay ends up being corridor fights where you have little to no room to escape.

I advice that you construct pillars from the ceiling and down, add a bit of elevation to various areas to add natural cover but at the same time make the map look a bit more interesting. Caves and tunnels are usually designed for more close-to-mid range combat so assuming that you have guns or other weapons tailored for such a thing, then I think that it would be a good idea. It could also be used to serve as a route to avoid sniper/long distance fire, a way to balance that would be to make the tunnel longer. If one team want the added safety then they have to walk further than if they would go on the surface.

I don’t have a lot of time so this will have to do, hopefully you can gather something from it. Good luck with your project.


I think that it would be great if you added more parkour elements (easier one by tunnels, harder one by spawns) to get to the objective, that way the more professional players can use the harder parkour for a shortcut while the others have to go to the easier one. This also makes it more fun as there’s another challenge in the way of the objective.