Aedificate | Builder | Portfolio (OPENED!)

About Me

Hey! I am Aedificate (aw-defeh-kat), a builder on Roblox since 2015, I have been on the platform since late 2007 and love creating things, I am very comfortable in social situations and love communicating with people! I have worked on the lobby for Clueless and am working on a map for my game!

My Creations

Here are a few in-game creations you may visit: []

A few pics of my work



I am able to work around 3-5 hours a week and 6-7 hours on a weekend due to me being in college.


Payment is preferred per asset, fully negotiable, I accept either Robux or paypal, I do not accept % since it tends to be too unpredictable


You can contact me either by devforum PM or via Discord [Aedificate [Dylan]#5234] I will try to reply as fast as possible!

Thank you for reading! :smiley:


I like your stuff.

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I met Aeds through the devforum new members server and can corroborate his amazing credentials and friendliness when working with. He’s mature and gets things done. Kudos to him.


Aedificate is a really nice guy, although I haven’t worked with him (yet), I see his activity clearly on the devforum discord, and I can assure you he is devoted to quality. He’s also very creative with how he makes his builds come to life. This is your guy!


You guys are making me blush :blush:


Can vouch.

Top dev, well worth the payment.






I can vouch that Aedificate delivers exactly what’s asked of him and no less. Couldn’t be happier with the building I’ve received from him in the past. :slight_smile:


Wow. I like.

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Aedificate is a very nice person and an extremely talented smooth terrain creator. I unequivocally recommend him to anyone that’s seeking someone to make a smooth terrain map/area as he will work in an efficient and impressive manner.


Very good to work with

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I was fortunate enough to meet Aedificate at RDC 2018. I can confirm that he is an incredibly nice person with a great work ethic and a desire to learn. Although I haven’t worked with him on a project (yet), you can see from his builds that he takes attention to detail seriously and is constantly improving.


Hmmm I like these builds

Do you like super heroes?

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I do, superheroes are fun!

I’m in the market for a new builder for my Heroes game and I like your aesthetic, if we hired you how much would you charge?

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I wouldn’t really know, this seems like something better to discuss in dms or a pm :slight_smile:

Do you have Discord or somethin? PM me on here

I can vouch for Aedificate as he is one of the best builders I have had for commissions in years. He is very skilled in building and I recommend to anyone that views his portfolio to hire him as he will deliver to you what you asked for. His pricing also matches with his building skills.

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Aedificate is a very skilled builder, can recommend him!