Aegis Core: Reapers | Deserted Ruins Fort Rules

Hey! The Aegis Reapers are a sword branch of Aegis Core, hence the shared technology. Our fortress is prefloodable on a 24/7 basis, as long as you can ensure a minimum of 7 invaders are present. We will automatically be alerted via our webhook & will immediately deploy to defend. Before deploying to our base, ensure your members are up to date on our rules & enforcement regulations.

Fort Information

Swords and Gameplay

The swords present within Deserted Ruins are Anti-Force-Tie (AntiFT); they will not restore your health like other variants. Although sword cosmetics may vary, each sword pertains the exact same contents ascertaining to combat: hitbox, damage, scripts, stats, etc.

Terminal I (Gate) is 200 seconds reset. Raiders must control this point for 200 seconds without an interruption via defenders. There is an overtime. You have 15 minutes to capture this phase before reaching overtime.

Terminal II (Mainframe) 600 seconds reset. Raiders must control this point for 600 seconds without an interruption via defenders. There is an overtime in this phase. An additional 20 minutes will be added to your timer to capture this phase before you reach overtime.

Fort Rules
  • No Exploiting/Cheating/Injecting (Injecting a script that gives you an unfair advantage, like Circle Reach)

  • No excessive flaming and toxicity. Please keep your toxicity to a minimum, we’re all trying to have fun at the end of the day!

  • Alts are not permitted unless the raid leader notifies who is on the alt, and why they are on the alt.

  • No mercs. Mercs are people who play for your team, but aren’t in your group. Please don’t bring mercs!

  • The use of exploiters will not be tolerated. We uphold the right to void or autowin any events in which past/present exploiters are present at, regardless of the time spanning from the event & them being caught.

  • We have the right to kick anyone, if we believe they are exploiting/cheating!

  • A constant ping of 300 will result in a team-out. We also have the right to restart the server so it’s an EST server

  • Speedglitching is not allowed, and if we find out you are speedglitching, we reserve the right to respawn your team.

  • No Glitching! This may include corner glitching, autoclicking your tool to bypass walls, frogging, and other methods! Your whole team will be respawned!

Preflooding times and Numbers

We advise scheduling with us to ensure that we can substantially setup an ideal and pleasant defence. When raiding, you may opt for one of the three options: Open Numbers, Casual [anybody can just join and raid], or Ratio [4:5].

  • If we cannot rally enough, we cannot take the defense. This is not an AW for you guys. You will most likely be asked to be postponed, as the raid has not been official yet.

  • The best way for us to get a lot of people will be scheduling events with an Elder+. We will post it, so people will know ahead of time.

  • Our base is Static, which means that it will stay the same ratio throughout the whole raid.

  • The best times to raid us are 10AM EST - 12AM EST!

We thank you for taking the time to read this and abide with the rules! Both the group link and the game link will be provided here, if you would like to scout. You can shoot me a DM at discord Ace#5921 if you have any more questions. We’ll see you then! Goodbye!!/about