Aerosoft Studios looking for many different roles!

About Us

Hello, we are Aerosoft Studios. We are a small game studio, and we are looking for a Clothes Designer, Face Designer (And possibly more Character-Customization assets), and a Builder or two.

The Team

@TimerHotel - Lead Developer/Scripter
@Overshotdragon - Scripter
@AIpic - Manager
@ItsDxnk - Builder, sometimes
@TBD - Clothes Designer - 10k + Revenue (unset)
@TBD - Face designer - 2.5k + Revenue (unset)
@TBD - Builder - 15k + Revenue (unset)
Potentially UI Designer, not looking, but if you think you are a good UI designer, let us know.

About The Job

We are looking for Builders, Clothes Designers and Face Designers.
For Builders, your job will be helping out with the game’s map, assets, etc.
For Clothes Designers, your job will obviously be to design clothes.
For Face Designers, your job will also obviously be to design faces, and potentially other Character-Customization assets if you can.
This is for a roleplaying game, but we prefer not talking too much specifically on what it’s about, as we have found a gap in the market, and would like to avoid having our idea stolen, but it’s safe to say that if we do this right, it could be a front-page game.
We are aiming to release at the earliest around February, but the latest around April.
The development will start after New Year so no one gets stressed out.

The map:

We would like the map to be a low-poly style, about the size of the map of Jailbreak. The map would be kind of similar to Los Angeles, a place with mostly everything, Beach; Mountains; Urban; Suburbs, but of course this would all be shrunk down to fit the map size.


We will pay 50 Robux per clothing item. We need 100 shirts, and 100 pants, both of very varying styles.


We want the faces to be somewhat in the style of Roblox, but still a little more realistic. We will pay 25 Robux per face, and we will need 100 of them.


Our budget is quite small (This may or may not change in the future, but it will not decrease)
Clothes Designer - 10k Robux + Revenue (unset)
Face designer - 2.5k Robux + Revenue (unset)
Builder - 15k Robux + Revenue (unset)


Should be over 16, but if you think you are mature for your age, you are more than welcome to contact us anyway.
Should have a few years of experience in the respective field, but if you think you are good, then feel free to contact us.
The will to continue working, and not leave the project.

Contact Us

You can contact me on the Devforum, or on Discord at TimerHotel#2332, preferably Discord.

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25 robux for clothing is very low, especially if you’re looking for 200 unique outfits

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I highly doubt you would hire me, but here’s my group where I upload clothing.

Hi, I’m a 3D modeler and would love to work for you, perhaps making the assets my prices are relatively low and could get the job done quickly.

@TimerHotel I have sent a request to you on Discord

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