Aestival | Public Handbook

Hello DevForum and those whom are reading this handbook. This handbook is regarding the group aestival.

aestival is a public juice-bar and growing industry. aestival specializes in providing the utmost respect, love, and unity for our staff members and customers alike!


Code of Conduct

As a member of community, you agree to the following.

aestival does not condone disrespect; our community is meant to be a joyful and positive environment towards ROBLOX. Breaking this rule is punishable depending on the severity.

Members of our group and Discord server should understand how to remain professional, attacking people/breaking other rules isn’t respectful nor professional. Furthermore, upon becoming a community member/staff member you agree to be professional at ALL times.


Rank Information

Ranks consist into five categories, LR (Low-Rank), MR (Medium-Rank), MOD (Moderator), HR (High-Rank), and Presidential.


Islander, a member of our group

Honored Islander, a former High-Rank/Presidential or a Moderation Department Member. This rank is also given to former Developers and our Vice-President’s and President’s close friends.

Trainee, a passer of aestival Interviews. They need to attend a training session in order to be ranked.

Junior Juicer, a passer of trainings, they understand the basics of their position.

Juicer, they passed trainings once more, they show that they understand how to do their job efficiently.

Master Juicer, they understand the fundamentals of their position, this position can be obtained via promotion or trainings.


Interns (Internship), these individuals showed exceptional utilization of proper grammar. In order to get this position, you must get promoted by the Employment Department, or pass Internship Applications. Only 50 at a time.

Apprentice Manager, this rank is given to those whom passed their Internship. Only 25 Apprentice Managers at a time.

Manager, this rank will intern at sessions for one week, then they’ll be able to host their own sessions. This rank is rewarded to our active and devoted workers. Only 12 at a time.

Elected Administration, these hard-working staff understand how to properly host sessions, this rank and above can demote members of aestival’s Low-Rank Division. Only 7 at a time.

Shift Associate, the peak of Management, this rank’s members are hard-working and undergo an HR Internship. They can also host events at the Juice Bar.


Trial Moderator, a starting Moderator; they passed Moderator Applications!

Junior Moderator, a skilled and “base” Moderator, they understand how to successfully complete their job.

Senior Moderator, an incredibly talented Moderator, understands how to do their job and how to teach others their job.

Moderation Officer, an “HR” for Moderators. They’ve underwent a long time in Moderation and their dedication to aestival is rewarded with this position.

Moderation Director, an experienced, talented, and devoted HR in Moderation.


Executive Assistant, they’re the first High-Rank role, achieving this rank takes activity, devotion, and cooperation. They’re Associates to their departments and are not official members until they get Corporate Committee.

Corporate Committee, an official Corporate, they’re general department members or an Assistant Lead at max. This rank is incredibly difficult to reach, and takes an amazing amount of hard-work.

Presidential Associate, they’re Department Leads, and are incredibly hard workers. They’re unofficial SHRs, and present an insane work-ethic. We’re very proud they’re on our High-Rank Division.


Developer, aestival’s Developer(s).

Contributor, aestival’s donators, GFX artists, and/or designers! We’re very grateful for them.

Vice-President, this rank is the right-hand to our President, they alongside the President, oversee all staff operations. Currently, Corinne (viivify) and Reine (OddFennecFox) are our Vice-Presidents.

President, this is aestival’s lead, Zain (viviify)!


Interested into forming an alliance with aestival? Delightful! Below lists our requirements and application.


  • You must have 35 non-botted group members.
  • Your group must have 15 non-botted members in your Communications Server.
  • Must follow all ROBLOX ToS.
  • You should be active and show the utmost professionalism, i.e. utilization of proper grammar.
  • Must provide two-three representatives.
  • In your application, we require you use 3 sentences.


  • Provide your group’s Discord Server’s link and ROBLOX Group’s link; cannot be invalid.
  • Why would you like an alliance with aestival?
  • How can aestival benefit you, and how can you benefit aestival?
  • Do you oblige to all the requirements?
  • Who will be your representatives

We currently obtain five departments, with a couple unofficial ones. Furthermore, below, lists our departments. Contact a member with any and all inquiries.

Moderation; the Moderation Department oversees all Moderation issues, operations, etcetera. Contact them with a Moderator report.

Employment; Employment’s Department Members create applications for an Internship. They also mentor the Interns with the aid of their fellow High-Ranks.

Human Resources; the Human Resources Department deals with Management discipline. They oversee all Management Operations.

Communications; our Public Relations Department, they create alliances and read alliance applications. Monthly, they host an event for aestival’s Community.

Presidential; the Presidential Team oversees all departments, staff, High-Ranks, and day-to-day operations.

How many members can a department contain?

  • Moderation, 5 members.

  • Human Resources, 4 members.

  • Employment, 5 members.

  • Communications 4 members.

  • Presidential, 3 members.


What is aestival?

aestival is juice-company group. We specialize in juice making, each sip of our juice is whimsical. It’s our priority to make our customers and staff feel loved and welcomed. So, join us on our journey!

How do I work here?

Attend and pass an interview session! Or, purchase an LR gamepass.

Can I get a refund?

Like many other groups, we do not offer refunds, once you purchase something it’s final. Apologies.

Thank you for reading and reviewing our lengthy yet imperative handbook regarding general knowledge you should know regarding aestival.

We’re elated that you’re a possible member of our group!